The ideal of a VA is that you do not have to hire someone, so no extra wages, setting up workplaces and risks.

What I can help you with:

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Web design + maintenance

Your website is the business card of your company.

Are you not satisfied with your website? Too few applications? Hard to find in Google? Or poor display on mobile devices? In many cases this is due to the content and / or design of the website.

Then I can help you! Often a large improvement can be achieved with a number of small adjustments. Sometimes it is better to carry out major maintenance or completely renew the site. Together we look at what is best for you and how you can best reach your customers.

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Writing web texts (SEO)

Having good SEO texts on your website is essential.

With good web texts you address your target group and you turn visitors into customers by convincing them. On the other hand, SEO texts also ensure that you score well in Google.

Writing an SEO optimized webpage takes time and knowledge: you must not only be able to write flawlessly, you also need to know which guidelines it must meet. In short, there is a lot involved. That is why I am happy to take over the writing of web texts for you.

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Email Marketing

Email marketing is one of the most direct ways of communicating with your target audience.

It is fast, effective, personal and it offers the possibility to generate a wide range, response and digital conversion. The results of email marketing are also easy to measure. This way you can see who the e-mail has arrived at, who opens an e-mail and who clicks on which link.

 Email marketing is also very suitable for segmentation and personalization. Based on customer data, the content of e-mailings can be determined so that the message becomes relevant, resulting in more 'opens' and clicks and ultimately more conversion.

A good file with the correct profile data that is well maintained is a requirement. If you have that, it is possible to build a profitable relationship with your target audiences by using email for acquisition, retention, loyalty and branding.

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Create logo and corporate identity

A corporate identity is more than just designing a company name and logo. It is a means to strengthen the identity of your company.


 In many cases, a logo is a combination of a clear word mark and a recognizable logo. Because the logo must be available in different formats, a professional logo is always designed in vectors. This means that the logo can be used in all formats, without loss of quality. Having a logo and corporate identity designed by a professional is highly recommended for that reason alone.

Corporate identity

Based on the logo and the desired identity, the corporate identity developed. The corporate identity of an organization, company or brand is a consciously chosen way of presentation to the outside world. You could very briefly say that the house style is the visual identity of an organization. This visual identity is an established collection of colors, shapes, typography and illustrative elements. All corporate identity carriers are colored with this palette. Think for example of stationery, business cards, brochure (printed matter), the website and lettering on company premises or company car.

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Manage Social Media

Do you also know that you have to be visible on social media, but do you have little time for it? Or maybe you don't feel like it at all? Or do you actually not know what to post on social media every time? I do!

I can help you with:

✓ growth of your online supporters
✓ developing of a strategy plan
✓ developing of a content calendar
✓ making up and posting posts to social media
✓ Creating successful campaigns

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Create visuals

Visuals are ideal to support and improve your communication.

An image says more than 1000 words.

It helps you and your organization, among other things, to tell clear story on social media and your website.

I make the visuals in your own house style and if you don't have one yet, we will develop them together. 

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Artemis VA can completely unburden your company in the field of copywriting and has the art to write convincing (web) texts and marketing content.

Think of blogs, web texts, press releases, e-books, newsletters, whitepapers, landing pages, social media, etc.

Do you not have the time or knowledge to write the best (web) texts? I'd love to help you.

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Conduct research

You know, you still have to do some research online, but your priorities are elsewhere. You also don't feel like searching the world wide web endlessly.

Then you've come to the right place! I really enjoy researching things and working out my findings in a spreadsheet or report. 

If you need to have work done that is not in this list, you can always contact me! Not all my talents fit on this website and I learn quickly! 😉

How much A VIRTUAL ASSISTANT will earn you IN EUROS

As an entrepreneur, you naturally want to know how hiring a Virtual Assistant will translate into returns and investment.

For this we make a simple calculation.

Suppose you earn € 100 per hour.

Your Virtual Assistant earns less than you, so there is the first win ,if she does the things you shouldn't be doing. Let's assume the VA earns € 45 per hour.

Of the 10 hours you work a day, you quickly spend 2 hours checking your mailbox, social media, writing texts, administrative matters, making appointments, making and requesting quotations and other ad-hoc tasks and phone calls.
If a Virtual Assistant takes over these activities from you, it will cost you 2 x € 45 = € 90. A good assistant does this job faster and better than you, so can get more done in 2 hours than you. (profit!)

You will then have 2 hours (or maybe more) of your time every day, which you can spend on what is needed and which earns you € 100.In that case, an assistant will provide you PER DAY so € 110, - on.
(€ 200 minus € 90).

Or you choose to go home earlier, exercise or spend time with your family or friends. So that your head is empty again and you can get back to it the next day.

Pretend you use the assistant for 2 hours a day 3 out of 5 working days. Then you have approximately 24 hours per month to spend on other things. Calculate yourself what that will yield you…. 😉


The options I offer in terms of investment to work together consist of:

  • Hourly rate
  • Project base
  • Prepaid card

Since every customer and every assignment is unique, I do not use a standard rate *.

Contact me about what I can do for you and I will make a unique and attractive offer especially for you!

* (Hourly rates start from € 45)

Diana is extremely creative and tireless!
Always curious and prodding for a lot.
She thinks independently critically and is pleasant company because of her
vibrant character.
I really enjoyed working with her.

Kees Plaisier

Former Coordinator Fire Service Museum Wassenaar, also owner Priatnov