Busy Entrepeneur

A head overflowing with so many things you want to remember, do and what you have promised.
A family you don't see enough and you haven't had any decent quality time with your friends in ages either!

Everyone wants or needs something and you sometimes feel like you have to divide yourself into two, three or four to make it all happen.

Time literally slips through your hands ...

Do you recognize this?

Then you've come to the right place!

I have the ideal solution for you so that you will have more time for the fun things, and you can also have more passion and energy left to put into the part of your business that you really like doing!

I help busy entrepreneurs, like you, with their online marketing (SEO, Active Campaign), website and social media needs, so that you have more freedom, inspiration and energy to devote yourself to building your business, generating money and a have a more relaxed private life!  

I love working with my clients and achieving their goal in this way!
My ideal clients are passionate, enthusiastic, creative, innovative approachers who love hard work, they have not always had everything, but that does not stop them. They are now short of hands, time and inspiration to really take steps again.

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Efficient and creative are the first words that come to mind when I think of Diana. For Topvloeren I regularly engage Diana to write powerful texts for our communication tools. Even if the approach of a text is not yet clear, she manages to get right to the heart of our message. She also has good tips for more visibility via social media.
Patrique Janssen

Owner, Topvloeren